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The longest running show on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera. This time I have seats so I can see everything AND @officialsierraboggess and Norm Lewis are playing the title roles.  My life will soon be complete.
#SoExcited!!! :))
#Newsies #SecondToLastShowSwag #Stoked!!!

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Derek Klena in Underground Sparks Magazine

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My Fine Girl Friday goes to this gem! Holland Roden…. I mean my bestie! Michelle Annelise Barlow

You Hate Musicals Because You Are Dead Inside


I love musicals.

Oh, you hate musicals? Really? I’ll get to you and your opinion in a second.

First, I’m making a public confession: I am a white, heterosexual man who loves musicals. I don’t give a shit who knows. You are not your demographic. The people who make up focus groups are demented human beings.

I eat bacon cheeseburgers. I love pranks. I watch professional wrestling. Well, maybe that last one doesn’t prove anything. Pro wrestling is just Redneck Broadway.

But my point is this: “Defying Gravity” is a legit good song. Do I only listen to musicals? No. I’m not a monster. But I’m not here to defend my Dave Matthews and Electric Light Orchestra Pandora channels.

I know musicals can be cheesy. Some can be boring. There are plenty of awful musicals, too.

But any excellent example of anything is excellent. You have to understand that musicals are, mostly, an irony-free artform. There is no way to be ironic, or even cool, when singing a power ballad in the car or a torch song during a booze-soaked karaoke party.

Now, you. You with your opinion. Fuck your opinion.

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Justin Bieber’s Stupidity

Justin Bieber is a disappointment in the sense that when you’re in a position where so many people look up to you and see you as a role model it’s irresponsible and selfish to act they way he has. He has a responsibility being in the position he’s in and its sad to see his decline.

Best Christmas Gift ever!!!!! #FirstDateTheMusical #ZacharyLevi #KrystaRodriguez #SaraChase #BryceRyness #KateLoprest #KristofferCusick #BlakeHammond 

First year as Santa’s assistant and I get caught…. By my family no less!!